McDonald’s Executive Chef Shows Us How To Make A Homemade Big Mac

Big Mac

It seems too good to be true.

This is obviously some marketing ploy to try and make out that McDonald’s food is not full of chemicals and is totally fine and safe to eat (even though we are very aware it is gross and doesn’t rot). Either way, it looks pretty great.

Thanks to McDonald’s Executive Chef, Dan Coudreaut, we can now make a Big Mac in the comfort of our own homes, using ingredients bought at a supermarket. I bet that guy who recently spent nearly £70,000 on a bottle of Big Mac burger sauce on eBay feels like an absolute twat right now.

All you need for the sauce is mayo, mustard, relish and some normal herbs and seasonings. The rest is standard gherkins, onion, lettuce and burger buns. He reckons that the patties are made out of 100% beef — I mean, I guess he could be telling the truth, but surely it’s full-on mashed up cow, brains and colon included. There’s no way McDonald’s can have a completely clean and ethical production — it’s just not possible.

Anyway, if you are interested, check it out:

It annoys me how much it convinces me that McDonald’s might actually just be a really honest and well-run restaurant when we all know it’s just a massive profit-focused conglomerate that produces food to make us all fat and sick. But I guess that’s the goal of the video.

Hopefully next he will show us how to make a 48 chicken McNugget bucket meal. 100% chicken breast right?


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