There’s Now An Even Better Version Of The PizzaBurger

New Pizzaburger

There’s always room for improvement.

We bought you news of the pizzaburger a couple of years ago, but it turns out that someone has made an even better version of it this year. It’s available at the Blue Kitchen in London – locations in Shoreditch, Brixton and Camden – and it looks absolutely mint.

It’s called The Pilgrim Burger. That’s because of the existential journey the burger takes you on apparently, and it’s a little bit different to what’s come before it.

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The old pizza burger was literally a burger and pizza toppings inside a pizza crust whereas this one takes a different route by putting the burger and pizza inside a pizza bun. As you might expect from the location of the venues, it ticks all the right boxes for all you hipster burger lovers out there.

The soft bun is made with Parmiggiano Reggiano and the burger is a dry-aged Angus and Shorthorn steak. It’s topped with smoked buffalo mozzarella – from Caserta, Calabria, where the richest mozarella is found – a tasty, spicy, soft sausage from Calabria called a nudge and a dollop of San Marzano ketchup. To top off the whole burger, you’ve got a mac and cheese arancini ball in top. Mmmmmm.

Basically as these are only £15 I’ve gotta try one ASAP and I suggest you do too. They look absolutely incredible. Not sure if it could take the crown of the best burger in the world though.


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