This Case Will Make Your Smartphone Play Original Game Boy Games

Game changer – literally.

There may already be several apps you can download to play Game Boy games on your smartphone, but it doesn’t really compare to the feel of actually holding the iconic console does it? Especially when you have to use shitty on-screen touchscreen controls.

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Well lucky for us a new product known as the Smart Boy by Hyperkin allows you to turn your Android smartphone into the classic handheld console that can play both Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.


Hypekin is now taking pre-orders for the retro $60 case, which plugs into any appropriately-sized Android phone via microUSB, and will ship them out in December 2016, so there’s plenty of time to look around the attic for those old games before you receive the case.

The case features a fully-functional D-pad as well as A and B keys and runs games featured on original Game Boy and Game Boy Colour cartridges.


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Originally the Smart Boy was set for both iPhone and Android, however at the E3 gaming convention the hardware was only shown working with the latter. I can’t imagine they won’t eventually release one for iPhone though.

I’m sure the guy who showed up to a fancy dress party as a PLAYABLE giant Game Boy is all over it.


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