Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Teaches Fan The Hard Way Not To Use Phone During Gig (VIDEO)

He got told.

The use of smartphones at concerts has always been a contentious issue, with Apple even patenting technology that will make it impossible for you to film live performances at some point in the future.

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Until then however, artists are going to have to deal with the situation as they feel fit, whether it’s Adele pausing her concert to vent her frustrations on the mic, or Corey Taylor from Slipknot taking a more hands-on approach – literally.

Corey has previously asked fans not to use their phones at gigs, claiming it’s disrespectful to the artist. Guess he found it extra disrespectful in this case as the fan wasn’t even filming or paying attention to him, just staring down at his phone like an idiot (while in the front row no less!)

Still, the argument remains that if someone’s paid to sit in the crowd they should be allowed to check their phone as much as they please, even if it irritates the millionaire on stage.

All in all that fan got away with it lightly I reckon, considering what the Slipknot guitarist did to his own brother once.


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