German Girl Has The Slimmest Waist We Have Ever Seen


Michele Koebke from Germany has been wearing corsets every day for the last three years and has managed to shrink her waist down to an unnaturally thin 16 inches.

Looking to take a few inches off the waist? Fancy crushing your internal organs and developing breathing problems in the process? Want to know what it’s like to take dumps that look like silly string? Strap on a super tight corset, don’t take it off for three years, and you’ll be well on your way.

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It’s worked for Michele Koebke, 24, from Germany. She can shrink her waist down to 16 inches in a corset and is 22 inches without one, but her plan is to go for an insane world record 14.9 inches. As you can see from the video, three years of wearing corsets non-stop have left her stomach looking like a mound of pizza dough that’s been repeatedly stomped on. She can’t even enjoy food anymore, because she’s incapable of having normal-sized meals.

She thinks she looks beautiful though, so that’s the important thing. She feels way more elegant and moves with way more grace now her ribs grind against each other with every step she takes.

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We respect anyone who takes control and ownership of their body, but not when it’s at the expense of their health. Michele’s family have disowned her but we’re sure they’ll take her back once she realises an unnaturally thin waist is neither a good look nor worth destroying yourself over.

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