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Laptop In Iran started it and now we have Plumpergeddon, where a guy takes pictures of the guy who stole his laptop jerking off over fat chicks.

So a couple of days ago we did a Best New Tumblr Find called Laptop In Iran, about a dude who’s laptop got stolen and ended up in Iran, so he posted up the pictures that it had been taken from his tracking software to embarrass the family that now had it. Most people thought this was really funny except for this one wetter called Neil Powell who kept awahing about it on Facebook and wouldn’t let it go. I guess it’s noble that he cared so much about people he didn’t even know to send us a bunch of messages. Really it’s just kinda lame though that he didn’t really have anything better to do.

Anyway, Neil Powell must have continued his campaign against the guy who started the Tumblr because he shut it down and took all the pictures off pretty much a few hours after it started. So yeah well done Neil Powell, you rule. Interestingly, the guy who started the Tumblr also stated that the family did get in touch with him and were pretty upset that the laptop they had was his and had been stolen, but the dude let them keep it because he felt so bad at violating their privacy.  Not sure if that’s cool or lame but whatever.

One good thing that did come from it though was that we were introduced to a similar tumblr called Plumpergeddon, which is actually a lot better. The story behind it is that this dude got attacked or something (he isn’t sure) in central London and got his laptop and bank card stolen, and the guy spent 7K worth of stuff on his bank card. Yeowch. Anyway, he had the same kind of software installed as the Laptop In Iran dude so could find out exactly what his laptop was doing and where this guy was living. He gave all this information to the police but they were predictably useless and said that the case was closed and they didn’t have any leads which didn’t really make any sense but I guess that’s the cops for you.

So in retaliation/revenge the dude just decided to post loads of pictures of the guy up on the internet and they are WAY BETTER than the pictures from Laptop In Iran because it seems all this guy does is jerk off on websites that feature really, really fat chicks. LOL. I bet he’s kinda pissed off that people know what he gets up to when the lights are off and he’s in his flat all alone. To be fair if someone was taking pictures of my masturbatory habits and putting them on the internet I would be pretty horrified, but then I’m not a prick that steals people’s laptops. This guy got what he deserved and I hope all his friends find out about it and rip him constantly for it.

The Tumblr itself doesn’t actually have that many pictures and is more of a detailed story of how the dude is tracking the guy on his laptop really, but here’s a couple of the best ones I managed to nab, including some weird top trumps the guy made of the dude and the weird smut he watches. Check out the Plumpergeddon tumblr for more of the same.

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