Girl Eats 5,000 Calories A Day In Bid To Become BBW Superstar; Makes Us Wanna Puke


With help from her boyfriend, this woman is milkshake-chugging her way to 30 stone as she aims to become a BBW superstar.

A lucrative career, a boyfriend AND she gets to chug milkshake through a funnel? This girl is living the dream!

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23-year-old Tammy Yung is putting away 5,000 calories a day in a bid to go from 16.5 stone to 30 stone and become a top Internet BBW (big beautiful woman). She makes a killing online selling pictures and videos of herself playing with her rolls of flab, but she seems to think that doubling her already ample size will also double clientele (and the risk of developing diabetes/heart failure/choking to death — but hey, YOLO right?).


What about her boyfriend? Look how pleased with himself he is; rubbing her belly like she’s some kind of sexual Buddha. I bet this was all his idea. Now he’s turned his fetish into her fetish by convincing her she can make money by destroying her body, though I imagine getting paid plus constant validation is an attractive option for someone who says they have always had body issues. I wonder if the boyfriend will be around for the follow-up story in 5 years, when she’s crying about how she can’t go back to looking the way she did before?

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Could this also be some kind of feminist ace up the sleeve? Instead of conforming to ridiculous modern standards of beauty, women start purposely sacrificing their health in the name of destroying the notion that you’re only valuable if you’re thin. Well okay, she kind of sends any type of feminist theory out the window by wanting to make money as a milkshake-chugging BBW.

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