#SlaneGirl – Girl Gets Photographed Giving Multiple Guys Blow Jobs At Eminem Show



Some dude turned us onto this this afternoon and it’s kinda funny but also really gross and not so funny so I’m not really sure where I’m gonna come down (no pun intended although it definitely works) on it but we had to cover it because we’re Sick Chirpse and that’s what we do.

Basically over in Ireland at the weekend Eminem played a massive outdoor show/festival at Slane Castle and a bunch of those young Irish whippersnappers decided to get real frisky in the mosh pit and when I say real frisky I mean like, really, really, really frisky. As in there were pictures of this girl – who became known as the #SlaneGirl on Twitter yesterday when people started sharing the pictures – sucking guys off in the mosh pit. And yeah not just one guy but guys plural, that isn’t a typo. There’s also another picture of her sucking some guy off in the toilets at the show. I think she also got her boobies out but that isn’t really that big a deal because that happens all over the shop at festivals.

There’s also some pictures of a #SlaneBoy going around where he’s fingering #SlaneGirl in the middle of the pit whilst sucking her boobs. Obviously these images haven’t been circulated anywhere near as much as those of the #SlaneGirl (to be fair they are probably slightly less funny) because it’s way funnier to call a girl a slut than it is to call a guy whatever you would call him (probably a hero or a player which isn’t really that cool but that’s a whole different article) in this situation. Although I guess the multiple actions of the girl probably make it a bigger story.

I’m not gonna post any of the images on Sick Chirpse because a) it’s pretty much softcore pornography (albeit in some kind of weird festival moshpit situation which I don’t think has made it into a smut movie yet) and b) it turns out that the girl in them is a secondary school student and I don’t want to end up in the same boat as Ian Watkins and Jimmy Savile and c) although it is kinda funny it seems like this girl is really cut up about it – as you probably would be – and the Garda (Irish police) are getting involved with it and I definitely do not want to be involved with them at all. Also d) if you know how to use the internet then it isn’t exactly very difficult to find them.

Here’s a picture of some Irish Eminem fans because I wanted to break the article up a bit but there isn’t really anything that appropriate to put up here:

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Eminem Fans

Anyway, like I said I don’t really know how to feel about this. On the one hand we’ve posted NSFW festival pictures on Sick Chirpse before and everyone thought they were really funny and I’ve got to admit it is really funny seeing people go to festivals and just act like complete idiots and do completely outrageous and debaucherous activities, but I mean that’s the whole reason anyone goes to a festival so surely you kinda expect to get a bit wild when you’re there and for stuff like #SlaneGirl to happen?

Maybe not necessarily to you, but if you haven’t done something crazy at a festival then you’ve gotta ask yourself what the point of even going was, right? That’s just what goes down. It’s also not really that funny that a girl is giving someone a blow job because pretty much every girl ever will do that at some point in their lives, it’s NBD. Obviously a bunch of feminist bloggers have jumped to her defence today and that’s cool too and I can see where they’re coming from because it’s definitely harsh on the girl because I mean girls just wanna have fun right and who are we to judge them?

On the other hand though, I think it is a bit rank and outrageous that this girl was giving multiple blow jobs to people in an Eminem pit. I mean firstly she should have been paying attention to Eminem (he doesn’t play very often and a ticket must have been big bucks) and secondly it’s just a bit rank. Still, I guess that is what some people are into and again who are we to judge? I respect the fact that she’s a teenager and was probably really wasted so maybe these guys were taking advantage of her slightly but I’m fairly sure she could probably have just got up and got out of there if she wasn’t enjoying it.

Added to this the fact that being a teenager herself she probably spends most of her time on social media sites and knows about the kind of stuff that goes viral then she probably should have realised that what she was doing was likely to be snapped up and shared around. OK maybe she wasn’t thinking about it at the time but you can’t really expect her to think that people weren’t going to be taking pictures of this and sharing them, especially considering it was fairly out of the ordinary/outrageous and was also happening in broad daylight at a festival that 80,000 people were attending.

Here’s some more crowd pictures from the gig:

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Eminem Slane

Sure, it must really suck (again, no pun intended) that a bunch of people she probably knows and her family have seen these pictures and she might have to live with the stigma of being #SlaneGirl for most of her life and it will suck even more if she’s underage, but I think at the end of the day if you’re doing this stuff then you kind of have to expect it to be shared. Again, it’s pretty crappy that people are calling her a slag or a slut via social media but again what did she expect to happen? Unfortunately, this is just the kind of culture we live in now and I really think that she probably shouldn’t have got so wild if she wasn’t prepared to face the consequences.

I know it’s hard to suck it up (geez I’m seriously not trying to do this) when you’re a kid but I honestly think rather than getting the police involved about it she should probably just do her best to ignore it or even embrace it, as bullies tend to subside if they know that they’re not getting to their victim. Obviously a bunch of feminists are going to screw at me for having an opinion that isn’t completely pro #SlaneGirl so here’s a link to an article where we talked about how we shouldn’t ever call girls sluts.

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I did think this was pretty funny though, even if it is really mean:

Slane Girl



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