Old Photos Of Jimmy Savile That Now Look Really Perverted

Jimmy Savile Perverted

Here’s a collection of Jimmy Savile photos that may have at one time seemed innocent, but now make it obvious that the guy was a massive peado.

Did you ever suspect that Jimmy Savile was the raging peado he’s now been found out to be?

When I first saw the headlines on the front of the Sun that stated in big letters: “JIMMY SAVILE RAPED ME”, I honestly contemplated posting it as a humourous image on the Sick Chirpse Facebook page, but I obviously soon realised that rape is a subject that isn’t funny. No seriously. I’m not making a joke or anything, there is no punch line in case you’re waiting for it.

The reason I thought about posting it on our Facebook page is because of the words JIMMY SAVILE, and the fact that whenever I used to see/hear them I always pictured a jolly eccentric old man smoking a big fat cuban cigar and wearing really stupid shell suits (if you’re planning on dressed up as Jimmy for Halloween, which I’m sure 95% of you are, you can buy his full outfit from Ebay right here) and not the monster of a peado he’s turned out to be.

There was even news on the front of a paper today that claimed Jimmy was shagging dead bodies in the hospital morgue. When will this end?! 2012 will no doubt be remembered as the year of Jimmy Savile and Gangnam Style.

Now Jimmy’s peado antics were going on for quite a while, over several decades in fact, and in that time there were a load of photos taken of Jimmy that no doubted looked completely innocent at the time. But now that we know that Jimmy was one of the biggest kiddy fiddlers to walk the planet, those photos don’t hold the same innocence they once did. Check em:

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