Sick Troll Snorts Lines While Wearing Harvey Price Mask In Video Posted Online

Harvey Price cocaine troll video

A step too far.

A video has emerged on social media showing a person wearing a facemask of Katie Price’s disabled son Harvey while snorting lines of what looks like cocaine.

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This clip is going to piss off a lot of people, particularly Katie herself who has angrily spoken out against trolls who constantly make fun of her son online.

The footage shows a guy wearing the mask, before bending down to sniff a line of white powder bizarrely off a copy of Delia Smith’s vegetarian cookbook, while other people cheer him on. It has since been uploaded to Twitter and SnapChat but the identity of the people in the video is currently in question.

You’ve got to feel for Katie a bit in this situation. She’s just spent ages carrying out a national petition for the government to take action over online trolls and worked consistently to overcome the issue of online bullying, after so many have directed it towards Harvey. And yet despite this, videos like the one above just keep coming out.

Trolls, if you’re reading this, Harvey’s got a message for you.


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