What Are Sick Chirpse Readers Googling? Part 1

Some of you need your heads examined, judging by these Google key words used to find Sick Chirpse on Google.

‘Man having sex with dog video’


Frankly we are shocked and appalled that you thought you’d find this kind of thing on Sick Chirpse. Two gorillas 69ing is one thing, a dolphin fucking a headless fish corpse is another thing, but inter-species relations involving humans is something else altogether.

We did run this story on famous dog-shagger Alyssa Morales though, you sick fuck.

‘How does heroin feel like yahoo’


Irony of ironies — putting ‘Yahoo’ on the end of a Google search. This did prove effective though, as it somehow brought our curious Googler to exactly the right place — way more informative than anything you’d find on Yahoo, old bean.

‘Russell Crowe’s Penis’

Russell Crowe

No word on if this story we ran on an Australian who stuck a fork in his jap’s eye was actually about Russell Crowe, but you’ll get what you’re given, especially in the absence of any actual photos of Russell Crowe’s cock.

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