Shia LaBeouf Just Went Nuts At Mt Rushmore Yelling “America!” At Everyone

Shia does it again.

Shia LaBeouf is positively on fire this week — if by on fire you mean he’s managed to piss off a bunch of underground rappers, had some random dude paint him as Dr. Who characters, and earlier today, terrified a bunch of tourists at Mt Rushmore:

We seriously can’t tell whether this guy is the sickest troll of all time or whether he’s legit just tripping balls 24/7. Maybe even he doesn’t know? Sometimes you take the trolling so far that you end up trolling yourself. One thing’s for sure — there’s a lot more mad shit coming from Shia LaBeouf before 2015 is up.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t go back to South London – we all saw what happened last time he was there.


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