Sharon Osbourne Says She Wants To Perform Oral Sex On Prince Charles

Sharon Osbourne Prince Charles

That foul-mouthed Sharon Osbourne claimed on US TV that she’d be up for some sexy time with Prince Charles, in exchange for a title.

Sharon Osbourne went on Conan O’Brien’s US chat show this week and announced that she’d like to give Prince Charles a blow job. She also suggested that women who take the Prince in their mouths are automatically made honorary dames.

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When asked what her hubby Ozzy Osbourne would make of it, she said he could bang Camilla while she was at it with Charles.


The sexual tension between Sharon Osbourne and Prince Charles has been brewing for some time. Speaking of a dinner party they both attended, she said “I bent down to pick up my napkin and as I came up I accidentally knocked him on the crotch”. She even claims that Charles enjoyed a joke she made about a cold-sore ridden guest at the party, suggesting it was because she “sucks too much dick”. Charles was in stitches.

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Charles better bring his A-game if they ever do manage to hook up, as we have a feeling Sharon Osbourne’s dirty mouth isn’t all talk. She’s freely discussed anal sex on the radio before, and gave this quote once when asked how she and Ozzy keep their sex life exciting:

“How do we spice it up in the bedroom? Lots of sex toys. Spray cream around the bollocks. Chocolate sauce on the knob. Lick, lick, lick.”

Go on, Sharon.

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Check out the clip below:

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