Prince Charles and Camilla Read The Weather

Finally the Royal Family does something useful.

So this is going crazy all over the interwebz right now judging by the amount of people posting it on my Facebook right now, so I hope we’re quick enough to catch it for everyone out there reading Sick Chirpse. Yeah, I know the BBC got it before us, but I mean they had a massive advantage because it was original content recorded for them. Albeit in Scotland.

Anyway, Prince Charles and Camilla were visiting BBC Scotland as part of some tour to celebrate 60 years of independent Scottish television. Some bright spark had the great idea to have them both take a shot at presenting the weather. They should probably be instantly fired as this PR stunt has probably substantially destroyed whatever reputation independent Scottish television had managed to build over the past 60 years – a reputation that had no doubt been spearheaded by classic shows like The Scheme, a reality TV show that followed heroin addicts around a Scottish council scheme.

Prince Charles is probably slightly better than Camilla but it’s still pretty cringeworthy. Camilla just looks completely out of her depth in any way/shape or form.  But hey, imagine if you had been watching this on TV instead of the internet – you would have been in for a right surprise huh? Then imagine you’re the kind of person that watches the weather and decide which you would rather be.

*Unfortunately Camilla’s attempt at reading the weather isn’t on YouTube yet, you have to head over to the BBC website to check that out but I’ll be sure to update this as and when it becomes available.

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