Serena Williams Is Pregnant; Guess Who The Rumoured Father Is…

This relationship just went 0-100 real quick.

A few months back Drizzy was spotted kissing tennis sensation, Serena Williams, at an Ohio restaurant which understandably stirred up a few rumours about the couple. Was this a blossoming relationship? Were they exclusive? Was that a world Grand Slam or your girl’s Grand Slam? But now, they’ve smashed those rumours out of the court (perhaps in an attempt to distract people from laughing at Drake’s latest video?) with suggestions that Papi is about to become a Papa.

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A reliable source has allegedly told a gossip site that the 34 year old is expecting the 29 year old ‘Hotline Bling’ artist’s baby, but that they are not in a relationship and described them meekly (pun intended) as ‘great friends’.

Serena and Drake have a lot of love for each other. They’re great friends. And they’re going to be great parents

This is a pretty mind-blowing revelation which I for one just totally wasn’t expecting. The last I knew, our boy, Aubrey, was busy focusing on being a living, breathing meme, getting his butthole eaten and ending other rappers careers in his spare time. Now it turns out he’s been railing tennis stars and sowing his wild oats, although perhaps he’s been multi-tasking, as another source claimed:

They are still a thing, but he is also not committed to only her, and enjoys the variety life brings in the women department. He will always be a player first.

Now that sounds more like my don Heartbreak Drake: living it up and being a free spirit. Getting his ass eaten until his heart’s content, and by a variety of fine females. The real Drake would never settle for just one lady to nibble his starfish.

It’s hard to say whether this rumour is true right now, a separate source told a different site that Williams was definitely not expecting a child and that she is neither ready nor willing to have a child out of wedlock. But, the plot thickened when a photo of the tennis star was leaked and completely contradicted the source. The photo seems to show Serena with what could conceivably be mistaken for a baby bump.Serena Drake Babty

I actually think Drake would make a great dad, I can just hear him lecturing his would-be daughter now “you used to always stay at home and be a good girl… now you’ve started wearing less and going out more”. And this would at least explain why he’s been practicing his tennis skills:


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