The Internet Is RIPPING Drake For His Old Man Dance Moves In New Video For ‘Hotline Bling’

Does Drake actually think he looks cool dancing like this?

Drake dropped the video for his new track Hotline Bling earlier (fire tune even though I don’t know what it means) and it features the man himself busting out the kind of moves you might expect a drunk uncle to perform at your wedding.

I really can’t tell if Drake’s dancing like that on purpose or if he actually thinks he looks cool, but I guess that’s some (accidental?) marketing genius in itself:

Meanwhile Twitter has figured out that Drake’s dorky dance moves can be put to pretty much ANY music without skipping a beat.

Here are some of the funnier examples:

Hilarious. I guess it’s easy to laugh at yourself when the most embarrassing story about you has already been shared (via an Instagram groupie).


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