5 Scientific Discoveries That Crap All Over Our Current Understanding Of Physics

The Universe is a knob, and this is why.

There are plenty of things in this mental Universe of ours that science has managed to unravel and explain. There are many more things that science can’t explain at all. Then there’s a third category: things that we thought we understood until someone discovered something that doesn’t fit in with the popular theory at all.

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Scientists have a name for these findings: bastards. Here are a handful of such ‘bastard’ discoveries that probably make physicists do a little bit of a cry.

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1) The Sun Gets Hotter The Further You Travel Away From It

Weird Physics - The Sun

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The proper science name for this sun based beef is the ‘coronal heating problem’. Any dunce knows that if something is hot and it’s burning your flesh, you move away from it and the heat diminishes. Simple… No, not simple I’m afraid, not when it comes to the sun. This guy doesn’t want to play ball at all. He’s a proper show off.

The surface of the sun is around 5500 degrees Celsius i.e. toasty. But as you move away from the surface a few hundred miles you enter the sun’s corona which is… oh let’s see… one million degrees Celsius. And when I say “one million” I don’t mean that in a vague “oh it’s about a million degrees”, I mean it’s actually one million degrees. So yeah, you move away from the source of the heat and it gets hotter. Go figure.

This is the only time something that behaves like this has been found anywhere and it’s really pissing physicists off.

This weird fact is flying directly in the face of our understanding of physics and it seems that the sun couldn’t care less.

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