Remember this infamous advert for Scampi Fries that aired in the mid 2000’s when some dude fingered some girl? How the hell did this get onto the telly?

I don’t remember this advert for Scampi Fries from the mid 2000’s but apparently it was pretty controversial at the time and was even banned?! Anyone share any light on this? Anyway my girlfriend showed me this a few weeks ago and I thought it was a work of genius. I wanted to feature it on Sick Chirpse straight away but the video wasn’t on YouTube for some reason and we couldn’t figure out how to embed videos from other sites without completely messing the site up so it had to go on the backburner for a while.

Fortunately now – thanks to the Artiss plugin – we now know how to do that so I can share this awesome advert for Scampi Fries with you. I’m not even sure what Scampi Fries are – some kind of fish flavoured crisps? Is that really what people want now? Are Scampi Fries still available now? So many questions. I guess that they are fish flavoured though judging by what goes on in the advert.

Basically, some hip teenagers are at a party and….I dunno I can’t really spoil it for you it’s probably just better if you watch it for yourself. I’m not sure why ANYONE would want to buy Scampi Fries after watching this advert though. How are they supposed to make eating Scampi Fries look appetising? It’s even weirder than the creepiest McDonalds advert ever. I guess you could use them for the purpose in the advert if you were really lame, or you could just read Sick Chirpse’s Guide To Chirpsing instead and get the same results. Only with having $ex with a hot girl this time and not using Scampi Fries to cover your tracks. Man, said too much. Just check out the Scampi Fries advert below:

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