A Website To Make You Feel Small. And Also Gigantic.

Ever wandered how big the universe really is? Well forget about blurry microwave telescope images; now you can really see it for yourself.

So we’ve all no doubt at some point found ourselves staring upwards into the night sky and marvelling at the sheer spectacle of how unfathomably gigantic the universe is and how we are all little more than tiny specks of dust in comparison to the rest of existence. We’ve all watched a documentary about quantum physics or black holes and felt considerably smarter for the 5% of it we actually understood.

Scale of the universe 1

But what If I told you that you could fit 1.3 million planets the size of earth into our sun. Heard that one in high school? Fine then, how about that there is a star out there that could contain over 6.3 billion of our suns. Light takes eight hours to cross its surface, and if our sun were replaced with it then it would extend past the orbit of Saturn. I came across this site by Carl Huang, it allows you to scroll through the scale of the entire universe using your mouse wheel, from seeing a human compared to a giant earthworm (which is scary enough in itself) right down to sub-atomic particles, and then right up to planets and the edge of the observable universe.

Scale of the universe

The human brain can only contemplate a certain degree of scale, and I guarantee you that this site will push your imagination to its limits. I know this phrase gets tossed around a fair bit on the internet, but I think here, it is truly fitting: Prepare to have your mindscale blown.

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