Sam Pepper Has Just Taken Things To The Ultimate Extreme In His Latest ‘Prank’

Killing Best Friend Prank

This guy needs to be shut down ASAP.

It’s been long documented that Sam Pepper is a complete dickhead and is probably a rapist, but that doesn’t stop him from coming out with increasingly ‘edgy’ and deluded pranks that consistently push the envelope – and not in a good way.

His latest ‘social experiment’ is called ‘killing best friend prank’ so you can kind of imagine what it involves and why it’s so crass. It basically involves Sam – who looks like an even bigger prick than usual after he’s dyed his hair blue – meeting up with a couple of Viners called Sam and Corby.

I don’t really want to ‘spoil it’ by saying what happens – if you actually want to watch it that is –  but I’m sure you can probably guess. I mean you can probably imagine that this is going to be pretty messed up when Sam Pepper says ‘let’s see how he reacts to his best friend of five years getting killed in front of him’. Yeah, exactly, but the actual entirety of the prank is way more screwed up than that.

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I mean what the actual fuck? If you were best friends with someone would you actually agree to go through with something like this and do that to your best friend?

Look at him after his buddy is murdered he’s like crying and shaking and looking like he’s having the most horrible time ever. Even though it did all turn out to be a prank I can imagine something like being kidnapped and then seeing your best friend get shot be a pretty traumatising experience that might affect you in the long term for a fair few years.

Completely and utterly messed up and not cool at all. For what it’s worth, the guy who got pranked posted the below message on Twitter afterwards and doesn’t seem too mad about it, but seriously it’s messed up and looks well and truly devastated in the video.

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