This YouTube Honey Trap Prank Got Taken Way, Way Too Far

Should these guys get away with this?

Remember that dude who got smashed in the mouth by a policeman after spraying him with silly string the other day? Here’s his mate getting involved in yet another prank that you could argue got taken too far — the “Tinder Honey Trap”.

The idea is to prove that you need to keep your wits about you when meeting people off Tinder but did they have to push it this far to make their point?

Brutal on so many levels. The way he admitted he wasn’t even really a lawyer then offered £10 out of his wallet was cringe on top of cringe.

But yeah, definitely a cruel prank that shouldn’t have lasted anywhere near as long.

Here’s a video where they address the controversy over the video afterwards:

Still sounds a bit prang to be fair.


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