The Horrifying Rape Allegations Against YouTube Prankster Sam Pepper

Are these girls’ stories legit?

Everyone knows that rape is a heinous crime. Not exactly treading new ground with that statement. If you rape someone you’re a deranged maniac who deserves to be punished. You’re no better than a murderer — everyone agrees with that.

Sam Pepper, former of UK Big Brother fame, is one of those dudes who seems to think sexually harassing women is funny, as evidenced by this controversial prank he has recently come under fire for (he has since removed it — but someone else re-uploaded):

Pretty messed up right? But still, just some dweeb who thinks rape is funny — best to just ignore him and his dumb videos. Except, it turns out Sam Pepper’s rapey disposition doesn’t end on YouTube.

In recent weeks, right after the above video was released in fact, several young women have come forward alleging that Sam Pepper raped them.

One uploaded her story to YouTube (warning: graphic account of rape)

Another girl claims that after Sam Pepper overpowered and raped her, he told her that her resistance made him “cum twice as fast”. She also says Pepper threatened to sue her if she reported him.

There’s also a bunch of Tweets flying out making similar allegations:

Did Sam Pepper really sexually assault all these women? Who knows – these things are notoriously difficult to prove. However if there are 100 people out there saying you like to rape women, then you probably like to rape women. The LAPD are looking into it either way – we’ll let you know where this ends up.


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