Sam Pepper Admits All His Videos Are Fake In Emotional Confession Video

Sam Pepper Emotion Exit Interview

His final video…

Sam Pepper shocked the world – and made a lot of people happy – on Monday when he deleted all his social media accounts leaving only the phrase ‘I give up’ on his Twitter account.

Many of us hoped that this would be the last of him, but it turns out that there’s one last message from him before he’s gone for good. It’s actually pretty surprising though as he’s come out and apologised for all his horrendous prank videos and  actually admitted that all of them were faked. Curve ball.

It’s a pretty emotional interview and pretty much details a complete and utter breakdown of his life, from starting off making innocent prank videos to being forced to become a caricature of himself and his ideals due to the pressure of remaining relevant in the face of other fake prank accounts. Deep.

There’s also an interview with him  on YouTube channel Drama Alert afterwards where he talks about his rape allegations (which aren’t actually fake) and answers some more questions about his views/career and where he’s going now:

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Wow. I mean that guy came across as a prick in most of his videos, but it seems like it’s absolutely destroyed him. You almost feel sorry for him right? Almost, but then he has been a complete douchebag for a long time – not sure if it’s better or worse to pretend to be a douchebag rather than just actually being a douchebag – and posting an apology video isn’t going to get him off the hook just like that. It’s a step in the right direction though and definitely helps. We’ve just got to wait and see what he does net now.

For some actual good prank videos that may or may not be real, check these out.


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