‘I Give Up’ – Sam Pepper Has Deleted All His Content From The Internet

Sam Pepper


Controversial YouTube and general prick Sam Pepper may finally be out of our lives after he deleted all his video content and tweets from the internet, leaving the following cryptic tweet simply stating ‘I Give Up’:

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You can also see that his profile picture is now just a black square. Pretty emo.

At this point there’s not actually any reason that’s been announced as why he’s chosen to do this, but it may have something to do with the fact that the prank he filmed last year where he convinced his mate that his friend had been shot right in front of him received a hugely negative reaction, including a warning from Anonymous.

If so, it’s taken a while for him to listen to it but I suppose you can’t rule it out as he literally hasn’t been involved in anything else controversial since then. Of course, it could always be those rape allegations coming back to haunt him as well.

Alternatively, there’s also the possibility that this might just be the start of another prank for him and we’re all getting got by him by being so elated by the news. Let’s seriously hope that isn’t what it is and that this little douchebag actually has given up and is gone from our lives forever. Fingers crossed.


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