Russia Has Banned Scientology, Saying It’s Not A Religion

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Russia are onto something here.

A court in Russia has banned the Church of Scientology after the Russian Ministry of Justice found that the word ‘Scientology’ was a registered trade mark, owned by the US Religous Technology Center. This means it doesn’t comply with the country’s federal law on freedom of religion, and that therefore it cannot be classed as a religion under Russian law.

A spokesperson from Russia’s Ministry of Justice said:

The representatives of the Church of Scientology have created many legal conflicts themselves by restricting the religious freedom through the use of trade marks.

The Church of Scientology has courted controversy since its creation in the 1950s. Despite having many high-profile members such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta, it’s consistently proven itself to be a maniacal organisation. Even Charlie Manson dropped out of the church – with 150 hours of courses under his belt – citing the church as:

Too crazy.

What does that say about Scientology if the original mad man, Charlie Manson, thinks it’s too weird?

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The church opened their first branch in Moscow in 1994, and in 2011 moved into an expensive new headquarters, situated just one mile away from the city’s iconic Red Square.

Scientology was granted tax free status when it was recognised as a religion in America, this has allowed it to become mega rich and difficult to control in the US particularly. If you don’t know too much about the Church of Scientology, read up about it and their cheap ways. They’re truly mad.


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