The Royal Flush Waterslide Is BACK Bigger, Better And Wetter Than Ever

Bikini Babes Royal Flush

It’s time to get slippy.

We featured the Royal Flush waterslide on the website about a year ago as it was the world’s longest waterslide at the time and looked like a hell of a lot of fun.

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It’s now the summer of 2016 though and they guys behind it have improved it for this season. It’s now bigger, longer and faster and to celebrate this fact they’ve released this new edit of some absolute megababes riding it. Sure, there are a bunch of fat guys in there too but even so, it looks even better than it did last summer:

So much fun and it looks like a great summer’s day out. I wish we had one of these in England somewhere, but that’s probably never going to happen is it? I’m not sure if it’s actually in such an obscure location that you actually have to get a helicopter in though? I thought it was just somewhere in Texas.

Either way, it’s pretty unlikely I’ll ever visit it which is a major bummer. One thing’s for sure though – waterslides have come a long way since the most dangerous waterpark ever in New Jersey.


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