The World’s Longest Waterslide Looks Like The Most Fun Ever

World's Longest Waterslide

Get me to Texas now.

It’s been a good year for waterslides with the world’s tallest being opened in Kansas and one that actually has a loop on it currently in development, but they look more terrifying that anything else. The world’s longest waterslide – which is found at Royal Flush in Waco, Texas – on the other hand looks like it would be the most fun ever.

The slide has three lanes – including one for BMX riders – and basically propels you down them before launching into the air at the end and into some 15 foot deep beautiful turquoise water at the end of it. It looks like an absolutely excellent way to spend a summer’s day and already has me looking on at it and being insanely jealous.

The promo video below features GoPro and selfie stick footage shot in 4K and literally makes the waterslide look absolutely incredible. Somebody needs to wise up and build one of these in the UK ASAP.

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