Is This A Photo Of Ronda Rousey In A Paint On Bikini?

Ronda Rousey Swimsuit

It sure looks like it.

Despite posting a really depressing New Year Instagram message, it looks like Ronda Rousey was actually managing to have some fun yesterday when she may have been taking part in a shoot for SI Swimisuit 16.

We say may have because SI Swimsuit editor MJ Day posted the following photograph on Instagram yesterday for a behind the scenes look at this year’s shoot:

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Obviously there isn’t much to go on here, but the fact that you can clearly see a couple of tattoos on the back of the model’s wrists has a lot of internet sleuths believing that it is indeed Ronda Rousey who will be returning for an encore this year. And what’s more, it looks as though she’ll be doing the shoot in a body paint bikini rather than a regular one.

Given how exciting Ronda’s swimsuit photographs from last year were, this has got everyone in the Sick Chirpse office very pumped indeed. The issue drops in February and given the fact that Ronda has largely been out of the public eye since her loss to Holly Holm, it promises to be one hell of a comeback when these drop.

Anyone who thinks her body looks masculine should read this.


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