Ronda Rousey’s First Instagram Post Of 2016 Is Depressing As Fuck

Ronda Rousey Sad

Geez girl lighten up.

It’s been a few months since Ronda Rousey got knocked out by Holly Holm at UFC 193, but it seems like it’s still taking a long time for her to get over it.

This is exemplified by the way she chose to ring in the new year, posting the following bleak William Shakespeare quote (lol) on her Instagram account:

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Geez, way to be a total downer huh? I get the fact that Ronda is really down about the fact that her whole mythos of invincibility and being the baddest woman in fighting history has been completely shot by the fact she got her ass handed to her, but as she herself would have said a while back, she shouldn’t just mope around being a ‘do nothing bitch’ about it.

If she’s the champ that she said she was, then she should get back training and start doing something about being the best in the world again. She’ll probably feel better about it too. Well at least better than uploading whiney posts like this will make her feel. We know you can do it champ.

If you’re wondering how exactly Ronda is feeling about all this, then check out this in depth interview on the subject she did late last year.


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