D.C. Couple Robbed At Gunpoint While Eating Out At Pizza Restaurant

Pizza RObbery

Washington D.C. might not be the murder capital of the world anymore, but you still get people robbing people at gunpoint whilst they eat pizza in plain sight. Check it out here.

Pizza RObbery

This is pretty crazy and probably one of the last things I would expect to happen when I was enjoying a nice 12 inch restaurant pizza with my girlfriend. But then again I’ve never been to Washington D.C. – which used to be the murder capital of the United States until Baltimore stepped up to take that dubious honour.

Basically these two are enjoying their pizza when this guy just walks off the street, pulls a gun out and demands that they give him their wallets and jewellery. What a killer. I mean there’s no way this was premeditated, he literally must have just seen that nobody was around outside the restaurant except these two so just thought he’d walk up and try his luck. Obviously this is super badass because it means he just carries a gun around with him wherever he goes and you know that that is just some straight up gangster ballin’ shit.

You would think that because the restaurant clearly captured this guy on CCTV that the police might have some solid leads on who he is or where he might be or some idea for tracking him down, but it seems like they’re fresh out of leads as they’ve just released this video onto the internet to try and get some help. The fact that it’s gone viral will probably still mean that the dude doesn’t get identified. Smooth moves cops.

Check out the video below:

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