71 Year Old Dude Shoots Up Armed Robbers

Old Man

Owning a gun in America is obviously never going to be good (see last week’s news), but maybe this old guy is an exception.

Being old doesn’t mean you’re useless. Take this 71 year old guy for example. When two armed robber bust into the internet cafe he was internetting at you probably would have looked at him LAST as a source of help in the situation. Who’d of knew that this guy’d end up potentially saving everyone’s sorry asses.

In America it’s legal to own and carry a gun, which is one of the reasons why stupid shit like massacres go down in ‘merica, but as this video shows it’s not all glum and gloom. This 71 year old dude is packing heat and it turns out to be for the best when he confronts these two armed robbers and basically tries to kill them in front of everyone. Hero. Check it:

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