World’s Largest Nutella Heist

Nutella Heist

The world’s biggest Nutella heist went down yesterday, with over five tonnes of the delicious chocolate spread being stolen. But what the hell are the robbers going to do with it?

Nutella Heist

I don’t know what the previous record for a Nutella heist was but I’m pretty sure that this one completely blows it out of the water. Over in Bad Hersfield – which is a really awesome name for a town – over in Germany some thieves hijacked a parked lorry and made off with 5.5 tonnes of Nutella. That’s about £13,600 worth of Nutella or 16,000 Euros. That’s a lot of Nutella yo, what the hell are these guys going to do with it all?

I mean could you even sell that stuff on the black market? Is there a black market for Nutella? Or would they try and sell it regularly to stores and stuff. Or maybe they just really love Nutella and are going to keep it all? It seems a bizarre product to steal in an attempt to make money. Maybe they just stole it so there would be a bunch of headlines going around saying stuff like ‘world’s largest Nutella heist.’ That does seem like a bit of effort but it is pretty LOLZ so probably worth it.

Currently the police don’t have any leads and don’t even know how many people were involved in the robbery, which isn’t exactly promising. They have stated that a lorry was robbed in Bad Hersield before and some people stole a lot of energy drinks, but it isn’t known at the point whether the two incidents are connected or not though. You can probably bet your bottom dollar they were though – where the hell else do lorries get robbed of useless products that nobody actually wants and nobody would ever think to rob in the first place? Only in Bad Hershfield, that’s where. There’s something in the water bud.

We’ll keep you updated on the whereabouts of the Nutella, but until then maybe try and make sure that the next Nutella you buy is legit and not any of the black market shit.

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