Online Paedophile Hunting Gangs Are Beefing With Each Other

Anti Paedophile Groups

We covered Stinson Hunter and his anti paedophile vigilante movements on Monday, but it turns out there are more anti paedophile groups in the UK – and they don’t seem to like each other.

LetzGo Closure

All the beef with Stinson Hunter has been deleted from both sides, but you can see below a screengrab we managed to snap from Stub Zee’s (one of Stinson Hunter’s gang) profile yesterday before it was deleted, which goes some way to illustrating the beef between the two groups. It’s also kind of strange to note how both groups seem very open with their problems and using the internet to convey their gripes and don’t really seem to realise how this can affect people, despite themselves claiming to be watchdogs on internet activity. Here are the screengrabs:

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LetzGo Hunting 2

Letz Go 3

LetzGO 4

LetzGo 5

However, despite all of this going down towards the end of last week and it seeming like the LetzGo page was getting shut down, it seems that something has convinced them to keep it up because that status was deleted and it was regularly updated over the weekend with the usual posts about their videos and information about how the men they have captured are being tried.

I’m not sure why they’ve revoked their decision, or if there’s still beef with Stinson Hunter over it all, but I would guess that it’s probably something to do with the fact that they’re getting a hell of a lot of media coverage all of a sudden. There was a feature on the Wright Stuff last week, and one on NewsNight too, whilst they’re also scheduled to be featured on the BBC today at 19:30 in a documentary called InsideOut. Unfortunately you can only catch that if you’re in the East or West Midlands but maybe it will be on the iPlayer or something. It definitely seems like this would encourage LetzGo to stay open for business, even despite the beef that they’ve been having with Stinson Hunter. Or perhaps the whole argument was resolve behind the scenes and they’re all cool with each other now.

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