Matt Groening desperately tries to get people interested in the Simpsons again by getting the Ren and Stimpy creator to produce a couch gag.

Last week if you were watching the Simpsons (Yeah right, who makes sure they catch a new episode of the Simpsons these days? Who even watches new episodes of the Simpsons these days? When they hell are they on even? 6pm on a Sunday on Sky One? Help me out) you will have been treated to an extended version of the couch gag from the opening sequence produced by Ren and Stimpy creator Jon Kricfalusi.

Wait a minute you never heard of Ren and Stimpy? Please tell me you know what Ren and Stimpy is right? Ren and Stimpy was a cool animated show that was shown on Nickelodeon and maybe BBC 2 or something in the mid 90’s. It was about a psychotic chihuahua and a really dumb cat who hung out together doing really weird stuff like going into outer space or the wild wild west. The show was completely weird, violent, sexual and relied on black humour which was unusual at the time and some argue paved the way for the current popularity of animated adult comedies like South Park. So you know, if you didn’t know about Ren and Stimpy you probably should have, got it buddy?!

Anyway  Jon Kricfalusi’s couch gag is pretty in keeping with the spirit – both in terms of animation and content – of Ren and Stimpy i.e. it is completely weird, kinda sexual/sexist and pretty dark humoured/gross. Homer talks dirty about Marge, which is just completely gross and inappropriate, Bart and Homer have a pretty disturbing fight and some other dark shit happens too. Check it out below and let me know what you think – if anything it should be commended for getting people talking about the Simpsons again. I mean, it’s probably the best couch gag they’ve had in a while. Totally wasn’t into the one that Banksy did.

Thanks to MattG for the tip.

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