Aspiring Rapper Films Freestyle For YouTube While The Police Surround His House


19-year-old rapper Adequate Advocate filmed and uploaded a freestyle onto YouTube as the SWAT team had his house surrounded.

An aspiring 19-year-old rapper accused of threatening his roommates with a knife decided to record a freestyle while his house was surrounded by the SWAT team and only stopped when a flash bang grenade interrupted him. Police eventually worked their way in and arrested Josh Jackson, rap name ‘Adequate Advocate’.

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Love it. This is what rap music is all about. The kid’s just trying to take it back to the days of NWA when you could say “fuck tha police” and everyone thought you were really cool. Because what’s the rap game like now anyway? The best rappers are an emo Jew from Canada, a crazed “fashionista” and a sports team-owning business mogul.

Okay, so Adequate Advocate isn’t the best rap name we’ve ever heard (could be a grower), and his flow while not terrible certainly isn’t very good, and his lyrics aren’t the greatest, and you’d probably struggle to find anyone who’d actually bump this guy on their iPod but still, you have to respect the effort he’s putting into bringing that real rap back, just like that clown the other day who confessed to a murder on his song. Stupid? Yes. Real? Most definitely.

Somewhere in heaven 2Pac & Eazy E are smiling down:

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