Best Movies Of All Times That Inspire You To Start A New Life

Have you reached a stage in your life where nothing in your routine inspires you? Well, it must be the right time to decide to move and relocate to a new city to start a new life. Sadly, things just don’t happen this way. It is important that you feel motivated enough to make the big decision.  Moreover, moving is not an easy task to carry out considering its demanding and complex nature.

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So, how do you get motivated? Well, we recommend watching a movie that inspires you to have a fresh start in life. Yes, there are some great inspirational movies that give you the right inspiration and a valid reason to relocate and have a new beginning. Here is a list of the best movie of all time that inspires you to rent a truck and start your journey to a new state and life:

Wild (2014):

The movie is one of the most inspirational movies of all time. The movie sends you on a journey where you get a chance to evaluate your life and think for the future with a new perspective. The movie revolves around Strayer, who after a relative’s death, a broken marriage, a career loss and drug addiction embark on a journey far away from her home. The journey is the hike to Pacific Crest Trail as per the recommendation of her mother. The journey gives her enough time to think about the mistakes she committed in the past and make new resolutions in life. The movie gives you a helping hand in evaluating your life and deciding the correct future path.

Eat, Pray, Love (2010):

Do you have a life that is so contended that you feel nothing is there that you want? Well, this can be an illusion because the movie Eat, Pray, Love teaches us how our life can take a complete 360-degree turn. The lead character of the movie, Elizabeth has everything in life from a career to a loving husband and a group of great friends. Sadly, nothing sticks to her and she finds herself lost with no one around. She somehow knew that this would happen as a guru told her that she would lose everything in advance. This makes her believe in the worst of life and she embarks on a journey to Italy, India, and Indonesia. The journey ends with her finding true happiness in life.

How To Be Single (2016):

Besides offering you help to move on after a breakup, the movie introduces you to petty reasons how people end up single. Alice, the leading character of the movie has a boyfriend but is not happy with the routine of her life. She wants a change and hence decides to temporarily break up with her boyfriend and move to New York. She finds a new life in New York and several relationships, one after another. She finally realizes that it is high time she gets out of all the emotional attachment and finds her true self. This is when she decides to start a new life with a focus on herself.

My Happy Family (2017):

A wonderful movie that tells you that age is just a number and you are never too old for new beginnings. The lead character Manana is a literature teacher, wife, mother, daughter, sister and 50-year-old woman stuck with her large family. The family lives in a three-bedroom house and privacy for them is of no meaning. There comes a day when Manana decides she wants to move out. This is where the movie starts with a great up and down as in Manana’s society, women are not considered respectful if they abandon their family.

Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001):

Bridget Jones’s Diary is a movie that inspires you to not to accept things as a constant in life. The lead character is a spinster and has everything changing in her life while she is constantly worried about her single status. The movie narrates how she accepts her life and starts a new life to lead a happy and contented life. The movie also explains how a modern working woman can very well be independent and take care of herself.

If you are in a dilemma whether or not you are happy with how your life is leading on, it’s time you watch one of these movies and get inspired. If you can evaluate your past, present and future based on these movies, you will be able to make a decision in life that brings change for good. If you decide to start your voyage, you may move to a new home in a fun way and give life another chance. Whatever decision you make, ensure that you are happy with it and it is a change that brings good in your life.


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