Quentin Tarantino’s Working On A New Movie About The Charles Manson Murders

Sweet Lord, this is going to be good.

Quentin Tarantino has chosen the subject for his next movie – a drama based on the Manson Family murders.

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While the details of the screenplay remain under wraps, the project seems to stand out from Tarantino’s other movies in that it will likely be based on actual figures and events from history. Whether he will add his gory, hyperbolised action to the telling of the Manson murders is yet to be seen, although I have no doubt that it’s going to have some sort of messed up twist.

As many of you will know, the Manson family murders in 1969 remains one of the most disturbing incidents in US history. The killings, which saw filmmaker Roman Polanski’s then pregnant wife Sharon Tate slaughtered, were carried out by a cult ‘family’ led by Charles Manson.

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According to Deadline, Tarantino wants Brad Pitt to star, potentially as the investigation’s lead detective, as well as Jennifer Lawrence. His long time companion and regular collaborator Samuel L. Jackson is also said to be slated for a lead role. If this is true, then it looks like we’re in for a cinematic treat, although it’s probably going to be a long wait until the movie actually makes its release.

Until then, we’ve got lots of other gory movies to keep us entertained including ‘It Comes At Night’, ‘Annabelle: Creation’ and ‘IT’.


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