The Teaser Trailer To ‘IT’ Was Leaked Earlier Than Expected


We all float down here.

The hype around the remake of Stephen King’s ‘IT’ seems to have reached fever pitch recently following several reports of how utterly shit scary it is, and this has boiled over with the fact that the first teaser trailer has been released a day early.

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We all thought that we were going to finally see the official trailer today, but it turns out another teaser trailer got leaked yesterday. It’s pretty creepy, let’s just put it that way, although it doesn’t really give anything away being a teaser trailer and all that:

Cool computer graphics there dude – you think they might have got someone better in to do the fonts for all that considering how much of a big deal this movie seems to be turning into, but I suppose this was just an afterthought to build even more hype. I guess it worked in that respect.

Anyway, expect the actual trailer to drop sometime later today. Apparently it’s so scary that people ran out of the cinema screaming when it was shown at SXSW, which has me wetting my little pants in anticipation.


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