PureGym Have Issued A Bizarre Response To The Video Of The Taliban Working Out

So weird.

All eyes are on the situation in Afghanistan at the moment and one of the weirder videos to come out of it was that one yesterday of the Taliban working out in the gym of the Presidential Palace, holding their weapons and rocket launchers and shit.

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That was a kinda comical but also kinda scary video, however this response from PureGym is downright bizarre/clumsy. One Twitter user decided to tag the gym chain in the video and asked them what time their spin classes were, but even though this was quite clearly a joke the careless admin in charge responded to it like it was a real question.

Obviously people were quick to condemn this move too:

I don’t think it’s that big a deal for people to be up in arms about – the admin was probably rushed off their feet and didn’t bother checking the video before replying or it might even have been an automated response – but PureGym had to release the following statement to try and excuse themselves:

PureGym receives thousands of enquiries from members and the general public on Twitter each week. In this instance a member of the PureHelp team replied to a video unrelated to PureGym having mistaken it as a question about class timetables. As soon as the error was identified the tweet was deleted.

Fair enough really. People need to chill out and stop ragging on a gym Twitter account for making a little mistake. Seriously!

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