A Video Has Emerged Of The Taliban Taking Control Of A Gym Inside Presidential Palace

These guys are complete idiots.

Everyone is talking about the awful situation in Afghanistan right now as the Taliban has taken control of the country and forced President Ashraf Ghani to flee the country and now some weird footage of their forces taking over a gym in the Presidential Palace has emerged.

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The Taliban stormed the Presidential Palace on Sunday August 15th and it seems like the first thing that some of them wanted to do was get a decent work out in after being stuck in the mountains for 20 long years or whatever. The militants are goofing around on the exercise bike and with some of the weights in the gym, whilst another guy casually stands around in the corner holding a rocket launcher. As you do.

Geez. I know that it’s generally accepted that the Taliban is pretty awful due to their treatment of women, casual attitude towards violence and torture and that people are desperately fleeing the country now that they’re in power again, but this video kinda made me more worried because they just seem like a bunch of meathead children hanging around in the gym and messing around with stuff with the real terrifying part being that they’re in possession of some massive weapons as well.

I was already scared for the future of the country with all the clips and information coming out, but this video somehow scares me even more. It’s gonna be a real shit show over there.

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