Professional Joint Roller Pays An Absolutely Insane Tribute To Harambe (VIDEO)


Bics out for Harambe.

Not so long ago we reported on Tony Greenhand – a professional joint roller (yes, that’s a job now) who creates the most insane bifta creations the world has ever seen.

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Tony’s most recent project might just be his best work yet – the roller teamed up with Cannabend, a dispensary in Oregon, who wanted to see a massive joint in the shape of everyone’s favourite meme Harambe. Quite rightly, Tony was up to the challenge and let’s just say, he did not disappoint:

Just look at the size of that thing. Even if you wanted to try and create your own Harambe spliff at home, you probably couldn’t afford it, as it contains three ounces ($500 worth) of weed in it. And it took Tony a week to get the right “look”:

I wanted Harambe to look innocent, as if he’s defending the child.

Talk about attention to detail – it’s nice that he tried to make spliff Harambe in the way that everyone would like to remember the late gorilla. What a decent guy.

For more on Harambe, did you know you can now play him as a character in ‘Street Fighter’? Banging.


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