You Can Now Play As Harambe In ‘Street Fighter’


Watch out Ryu.

As the furore about Harambe refuses to die down, it’s quite possible that we might actually have reached peak Harambe with the latest addition to his burgeoning legend: a playable character in the classic beat ’em up game ‘Street Fighter’.

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The game is called ‘Harambe Vs Capcom’ and is actually a rip off of ‘Marvel Vs Capcom’ but’ Street Fighter’ is more iconic so I went with that. It’s playable on the PC and you have 21 different characters to choose from, including Ryu, Ken and Vega as well as a zoo guard. There’s also some weird storyline which sees Harambe faking his own death and breaking out of the zoo to go on some mission. He’s also got psychic powers because why not?

Check out the trailer below:

Looks pretty decent for a game that’s essentially one big joke. And it’s free so it would be kinda rude not to download it. Only problem is I don’t have a PC. Goddamn.

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