This Private Number Prank Pitting Two Angry Australians Against Each Other Is Just Perfect

I hate getting private number calls so I can sympathise with these guys.

It’s so annoying when you get a call off a private number because nine times out of ten it’s someone trying to sell you car insurance or some crap but sometimes it actually is something important like your doctor or the police so you still feel like you should answer it every time you see one. Of course, they usually leave a message if it is actually important but it’s not always worth running the risk in case it’s urgent.

Anyway, the whole private number thing is the reason I can sympathise with these two angry Australian guys who got perfectly pranked by some mischievous little scamps. They basically call two different guys off two different phones from private numbers, then put them on loud speaker and let them talk to each other about who called who and private numbers. The results are genius.

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The best thing about this is that these two guys are going to have absolutely no idea what the hell happened here, they’re just going to think that they were on the phone to some idiot cold caller who had no idea what he was doing. Instead they just got absolutely murked and everyone on the internet is laughing at them. Gotta love it.

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