The US Blows Up ISIS Bank, Millions Of Dollars In Cash Go Flying Everywhere

Looks like Barack Obama took those “pussy” comments to heart.

The US has released this declassified video from its January 11 bombing of an ISIS cash depot in Mosul, Iraq, showing the result of a pair of 2,000-pound bomb strikes battering the building.

After the bombs hit, you can see clouds of cash exploding into the sky before scattering over the roofs of nearby buildings.

Check it:

Beautiful. General Lloyd Austin, head of the U.S. Central Command, says:

It was a good strike. And we estimate that it served to deprive ISIL of millions of dollars. And combined with all of the other strikes that we’ve done on ISIL’s gas and oil production and distribution capabilities and strikes against his economic infrastructure and the various sources of revenue, you can bet that (it) is feeling the strain on his checkbook.

It’s a wonderful thing watching millions of hard-earned dollars going to waste when you know they would have otherwise been spent on recruiting brainwashed morons into murdering and beheading innocent people. We give America a lot of stick sometimes but one thing they do better than anyone else is give ISIS nightmares. Keep it coming.

P.S. Russia’s air strike on ISIS was pretty sweet too.


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