Pornhub Reveals What Kind Of Porn Women Around The World Watch

Interesting results from the UK.

Collecting porn-watching statistics from Pornhub sounds like a hell of a job (and like something the intern would do), and it’s resulted in some fairly amusing content over the years, for example, the most popular videos to get off tto around Christmas, or more recently, the bizarre searches that spiked on St. Patrick’s Day.

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This week Pornhub has revealed what turns women on the most porn-wise, according to viewing behaviour on their site.

Here’s what they found:




So looks like Russian women love it up the butt (or at least watching others take it up the butt), and the South Americans have a bit of a she-male infatuation going on. The Brits apparently love a bit of bondage action (who knew?) as do the Canadians. Is Vietnam serious though? Their most viewed category is ‘Babe’? Get a bit adventurous for me one time.

Pornhub also announced:

Pornhub’s second highest country for traffic is the United Kingdom. Women in Scotland like the softer touch of “female friendly” videos and Northern Ireland likes “MILF” more than the rest of the UK.

In Wales women like 18+ “teen” porn, and in England “ebony” is viewed more often.

Something to be proud of, I guess? Good to see no one’s into pimple porn (NSFL) though — now that’s truly disgusting.


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