Watch These Two People Have The Most Polite Road Rage Incident In History

I’ve literally never felt less threatened in my life.

There’s literally hours of violent and obnoxious road rage footage on the Internet. Literally hours of the stuff.

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These two motorists over in Ledbury, Hertfordshire won’t be carrying on in the same vain, because their argument might possibly be the most polite, soft-spoken and non-threatening road rage incident in world history.

Watch below:

What was that? Where’s the violence? Where are the baseball bats? Where are the guns? Not even one swear word either? Pathetic. I wouldn’t be surprised if these two are still out there arguing right now. Just chilling on the side of the road still trying to convince each other that the other was at fault.

Definitely need some high-octane road rage action after that debacle. Check this madness out.


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