Watch This Dude Pull Out A Gun On Road Rage Teens And Get Absolutely Battered

Road Rage

This guy gets a battering when confronting a group of teens who cut him up on the road. Lucky for him, his wife has a gun.

Apparently these two had some sort of disagreement on the road, and parked up to sort it out. The aggressor is clearly already having a shitty day, so he takes a swing through the window of the teens’ car, instead of just telling them they’re pricks who can’t drive.

You can’t really fault the lads for what happens next: they jump out of the car and fight back, punching and kicking the guy up before slamming him against his own car. And that’s pretty much the altercation over for them — they head back to their car as the other dude’s wife shows up on screen.

Turns out she’s carrying her hubby’s gun. She puts it his hand and he points it at his attackers who understandably shit themselves. Thankfully, that’s good enough for him and he retreats back to his car.


Check it out, it’s pretty insane:

So who is the biggest idiot in all of this? The kids probably were driving like dicks, but obviously fisticuffs is no way to deal with this type of situation, as the big man found out. The lads were just defending themselves at the end of the day. But what about his  wife? I understand wanting to come to your hubby’s rescue, but putting a gun in the hand of a man who has just picked a fight, got battered, and whose adrenalin is sky high? It’s quite amazing he didn’t end up doing anything stupid.

Must have been an awkward ride home.


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