Police Man Completely OWNS YouTube Smart Ass Trying To Make One Of Those ‘I Know My Rights’ Videos

That’s how it’s done.

When videos first started coming out of people filming police officers who pulled them over for something stupid, it was quite novel and exciting because you realised that if you had a decent knowledge of the law (better than some police even) you could really make a copper look stupid and troll them till they have no choice but to leave you alone.

But then those videos started getting out of hand. Every prick with a basic knowledge of the law and a video camera started hitting the roads with the sole purpose of baiting the police into a situation where they could somehow “school” them on camera and act like they got one up on them.

That’s pretty much what this bellend tries to do as he walks around the street carrying an MP5 semi automatic rifle. Sadly for him, the cop who showed up was probably the safest, most reasonable police man of all time:

Actually really impressed with how he calmly put the guy in his place. The guy was trying to make him say or do something stupid and he didn’t react to it at all; in fact he handled it perfectly and even managing to sneakily patronise him by inviting him to a citizen’s day where he could get a special volunteer police badge or something.

Good to see some cops doing their jobs right — after this total calamity earlier.


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