Man Caught Pouring One Litre Of Hydrochloric Acid In Lube Dispenser Of Gay Club


Imagine the damage that would have caused.

As far as horrific hate crimes go, I don’t think you can get much worse than putting acid into the lube dispenser at a gay club and watching people burn their dicks and assholes off, but somehow the guy you see above has been spared jail for this indiscretion.

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His name is Hengky Irawan and he’s 62 year and a resident of Rydalmere, Sydney. He was attending the Arrows gay club (pictured below looking swanky) earlier this year and attempted to break open the lube dispenser and fill it with a litre of hydrochloric acid. Fortunately, an alarm sounded when the dispenser was broken and he was able to be apprehended before anyone was harmed.

Surprisingly this wasn’t actually a hate crime but in fact a revenge crime, after a court heard that Irawan was angry after he been thrown out of Arrows before the incident. That doesn’t really make any sense to me because I don’t really get how burning the patrons of a club with acid would help get back at the guys who threw him out (who were probably the bouncers/owners) but apparently that coupled with the fact that his lawyer claimed he was suffering from mental illness was enough to get Hengky off the hook.

He was instead given a two year ‘good behaviour bond’ which apparently means that basically means he has several conditions placed upon him that he has to follow during the course of the bond. These probably include stuff like counselling and rehab sessions. Magistrate Beverly Schlurr summed up the court’s decision:


It was directed towards patrons at the nightclub because he felt aggrieved about being kicked out earlier in the year.

It was ‘not about their sexual orientation [it was because he was] angry about being excluded himself.

Whilst the fact that Hengky may have been homosexual himself and was attending the club as a customer probably means it wasn’t a hate crime (not necessarily though you look at Orlando say), the fact he was still willing to do something so horrific kinda makes me want to think he should have been punished more severely. Surely there are other gay clubs he could have attended in the area if that was what he wanted rather than doing something like that? Messed up.

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