VIDEO: Thousands Gather To Worship Dick At Japanese Penis Festival

Japanese Penis Festival Featured

Apparently this is a fertility festival but it just looks like a giant dick worshipping festival to me.

It’s been a while since we featured Japan and how weird the Japanese can be, so what better way to welcome them back into the Sick Chirpse fold by providing you with a video of what has been termed the ‘Japanese Penis Festival’? The event is known as Honen Matsuri and is a celebration of fertility, that apparently boosts the fertility of men and women who attend and the health of mothers and babies who attend.

To us though it just looks like a place where you can go to worship dick. I mean people are literally praying to giant wooden penises during this video, you must agree with me that that’s kinda weird? Or is it even weirder when they’re eating ice lollies that look like dicks? Or perhaps even weirder that it doesn’t seem like anything else actually goes on at the festival except the worship and praise of models of dicks!?

In short, I think it’s completely weird and kind of like the set up to a weird Japanese horror sex film. You can make your own mind up with the video below though.

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